What To Do in Paris

What to do in Paris, as a local would know...

This is an article all about exploring the wonders of this beautiful city and its surroundings. It's written by someone who lives there so you can trust them when they say that these things are worth seeing! I've added some tips at the end with more information on where best places are located if somehow anyone reading gets lost or needs help finding anything else while exploring Paris themselves - don't worry; Someone will surely recognize your accent as American because everyone speaks English around there (kinda)!


Tips to Travel in Paris: Paris is a very big city, so be sure to check on google maps where you want to go and what's near it. Paris has a lot of museums, but they are also closed on Mondays- don't get stumped because of closed museums! In Paris you can drink from the public fountains if thirsty, which only cost about 3 Eurocents for one liter! Paris can be cold or warm but it's most beautiful in Spring/Fall - take layers with you that way no matter what season it is at least your outfit will look good lol. Paris smells great all year round because Parisians always light incense in their homes for a nice scent (and some just do it to cover up bad odors) Parisians eat bread.

Book now to explore more the city of love this Easter- Paris has many hidden treasures and amazing things to see. Paris is home to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, etc... Parisians are friendly if you smile at them! Parisians also speak English fluently so no worries there. Paris is full of museums with some museums having free days on certain days of the week (most museums are closed on Mondays), which means that either they're not open for this day or they're just receiving new exhibits during this time period thus creating a closure at their main entrance. Paris is one of the best cities in France because it's lively with lots to do and see! You can catch the Metro anywhere in Paris it only costs about 1 Euro per ride even less depending on your destination.

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